About Us

At Fittings Unlimited, we don't just claim to be your "Adapter & Fitting Specialist", we earn that title every day.  Our commitment to knowledgeable customer service is more than a promise of well-trained Customer Service employees (although that is very important).  Fittings Unlimited's commitment incorporates three primary components: 

  • Continuous training and process refinement for all employees, because we know the customer’s journey is touched by many individuals throughout the company.

  • Ongoing awareness of local and global concerns and ever-changing needs of our clients so that we are always on track with inventory, accessibility and pricing.

  • Focused on improving and refining processes, efficiency and technology to ensure smooth transactions, order accuracy, website stability, ease of use and security.

We know our customers have a choice and while we can’t be

the only fitting and adapter company out there,

we are commited to being the best!  

Fittings Unlimited Arlington Office

In 1985, Henry Y. Shallcross founded Fittings Unlimited, Inc. to serve the Hydraulic Industry as a wholesale distributor in Arlington, Texas. His background in hydraulic fittings and dream of a company that went the extra mile for the all customers fueled his success.  Over the years, Henry's brothers and nephew joined the enterprise as well.

Since then, FUI has continued as a family business with Todd Shallcross paving the way for progress and expansion.  FUI now has locations in Atlanta, Georgia, Cleveland, Ohio, Houston, Texas, Salt Lake City, Utah and Aurora, Ontario Canada.  Our commitment to better serve our customers by improving delivery times, freight costs and convenience is at the forefront of every decision we make.